NFTS | Hyper NFT review- is it legit or a scam | Who is hyper NFT ?

Hyper NFT review- is it legit or a scam | Who is hyper NFT?

NFT technology is gaining momentum, and investors are leaving no stone unturned to jump on the bandwagon and explore NFT Marketspace appeal to them. Recently, I came across Supercar NFT, alternatively known as Hyper NFT. This article apprises you regarding Hyper NFT Review and information such as  Who the founder of Hyper NFT is. So what is it all? 

If you have an immense interest in acquiring knowledge about, its founder and owner, Net business, worth, marketplace, and more details, you have landed at the right place.

What is Hyper NFT?

Hyper NFT is a project which is a brainchild of supercar collectors, and it empowers its audience with an opportunity to amass digital assets of the luxury automotive industry. Hyper NFT will perform the role of a blockchain bridge for resisted investors to utilize their investments in the Metaverse by providing their collectors a real-world experience in a project named “Money can’t buy.” Furthermore, Hyper NFT collectors will get a chance to see supercar workshops, exhibitions, motor racing events, road shows, private celebrations, and authentic driving experiences.

Who is Hyper NFT?

Thomas Gavache launched the Hyper NFT blockchain project. The primary objective of this project is to invite and showcase supercars in the metaverse domain. In the blockchain gaming industry, the R-01 model of hyper NFT raked in big bucks by selling for $100,000 in the REVV racing game.

The Hyper NFT Experience

  • Gain the rich experience of visiting a member’s only 30,000 sqft hypercar museum.
  • Meet and greet hypercar industry icons.
  • Enchanting tours to hypercar factories.
  • Take a breathtaking ride in a hypercar.
  • Experience hyper-cars in their true mojo on a ride or closed roads.
  • Walk amidst, relax and click pictures with the hypercars of your choice.
  • Amass divergent one-of-a-kind hypercar digital collectables that investors can use in Metaverse.
  • Gather hypercar inventory to exhibit your membership in an exclusive club

Hyper NFT Marketplace

Although with little effort, we have found the official Link for their marketplace, i.e.,, it is under development. As of now, the central focus of the company is on events-based selling of NFTs.

Hyper NFT net worth

Hyper NFT net worth is the talk of the town, and umpteen users ask for details; however, to their dismay, there is no information regarding their Net Worth. 

What are NFΛST hypercars?

NFΛST hypercars are the limited collections of cars built by the hyper NFT team specifically for the Metaverse. These cars have original ownership with unification into the REVV racing game, thriving on blockchain technology.

What will be the future of NFΛST hypercars?

The future of Hyper NFT bodes well, as a rising number of investors are putting their money into this project. Apart from this, developers are working with determination, dedication, and discipline on launching beaucoup new features for this project like:

  • Collectors can have authentic looks at their hypercar in HD.
  • Collectors can participate in the race and earn money.
  • Collectors can exhibit their hyper NFT in front of their near and dear ones.

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