CRYPTOCURRENCY | What is Lingose Gamefi, gaming password ID | Lingose (LING) price prediction 2023 to 2050

What is Lingose Gamefi, gaming password ID | Lingose (LING) price prediction 2023 to 2050

What is lingose GameFi? The name suggests that “GameFi” combines two words, “Game + Finance.” Lingose’s (LING) ambition is to form a Game ID protocol commanded by smart contracts having the potential to award the on-chain credential of the winning gamer in Web3 gaming adventures. With Metaverse evolution, the coming time is of Web3, and Lingose GameFi is setting the right precedent by creating the infrastructure people require to enter into Web3 Gaming. The content in the subsequent paragraphs is an honest attempt to elucidate why Lingose (LING) GameFi is one of the most banked upon and famous digital assets of 2022.

What is Lingose ID & How to Start with Lingose GameFi?

Gamers and adventurers can make a remarkable entry into the Web3 Gaming adventure by logging in with their Lingose ID. Now the million-dollar question is how to get the id. It is damn easy; you need to surf their official website and visit the Lingose ID section; there, you need to find the option to sign into Lingose through two ways, discord or Twitter. After doing this, the next step is connecting your decentralized crypto wallet, which could be your MetaMask Wallet, TokenPocket Wallet, or OKX Wallet. After clicking with the respective wallet, your wallet needs to be activated using either BNB Chain, ETH Chain, OKX Chain, etc.

After completing the steps mentioned above, you may proceed to the Campaigns section, and there you get many choices from which you need to pick a game to play.

An extensive list of blockchain games and numerous game-based apps are also making inroads. Beaucoup user actions inside the game can get appropriate value with their identities to Web3. Moreover, the player has the freedom to showcase his achievements in blockchain games while building his brand with the unabated support of the Lingose system. The tasks achieved can be verified as authentic.

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Is Lingose a Good Investment?

As far as I am concerned, Lingose is a Worthwhile investment for me as Lingose (LING) has the unique distinction of being the most well-performing asset in the GameFi arena. Web3 is regarded as the new form of the internet, growing at a tremendous pace. With technology making inroads in our life at a reasonable cost and the low-cost internet availability, masses and classes can interact freely and easily without geographical barriers.

On the other hand, the physical asset in the physical world has limited quantity and availability. The extracted and created is confined to an extent. Whereas digital assets, digital currencies, and smart contracts are available in abundance with unlimited minting. While considering the past performance of Lingose & the gospel truth that physical constraints do not dare to limit the Web3 & Metaverse, investing in Lingose (LING) is a safe bet.

Is Lingose Safe?

Lingose is entirely safe. There are five modules in which Lingose’s basic working principle is fragmented, they are:

  • (i) Lingose ID: Lingose ID serves the same purpose as a passport for the User utilizing which they can make inroads in the Web3 Gaming World. Moreover, User can club all their other meta accounts and do internal transactions betwixt them. Finally, users have the power to set their customized ID, and their rankings, results, and winnings are on display in the portal inside their Lingose account.
  • (ii) User Behaviour Capture System: Users will stimulate chain events when they take part in a game on the chain; the pursuits they can do are transfer, authorization, agreement transfer, etc. Lingose standardized API through Web3 procures and analyzes user behaviour data available via chain. Furthermore, it examines the User’s participation in the game and differentiates it as per varied types of chain behaviours documented in the Lingose ID. Alongside, Lingose will download the off-chain data and capture the public data from platforms like Twitter, Github, etc.
  • (iii) EXP: The platform will frame varied EXP values per various user behaviour information types. With the surge of EXP, the enhancement of Lingose ID will occur, and additional rights and rewards will come into the picture. Users will benefit from a corresponding NFT, as per the User’s share in the platform and the stockpiling of EXP. This NFT can be utilized for both collections and transactions.
  • (iv) Proof of Play (POP): Proof Of Play, POP is nothing but an open-source NFT protocol inspired by erc-721. POP voyages to build a reliable new method to capture game experiences.
  • (v) Reputation System: It comprises a Credit Accumulation and Punishment Mechanism specifically designed to reward or punish the User depending on the behaviour.

Lingose GameFi project

Lingose primarily aims to create a Game ID system by utilizing blockchain data. It offers qualification proof by recording the user’s on-chain mannerisms. Furthermore, it has the ambition to develop a Web3 profile for every player in the industry. The central focus of this profile, or Lingose GameID, will be to capture “every step” and “every achievement of users .”

There are chances that the project could pose threats, as it has plans to create every gamer’s Lingose ID. Hence Web3 gamers must be aware of several grey areas.

Lingose GameID pitfalls

It is unequivocal to say that Data leaks are a collosol threat to GameID projects. It will “collect and hold copious amounts” of player data while “protecting their identities.” But, gamers must thoroughly research the project before trusting them with any data.

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