NFTS | What is Alien Worlds game?

What is alien worlds game?

What is Alien Worlds game?

We have seen an unusual phenomenon in the combination over the past few months: Metaverse. A sizeable number of players, buffs and experts Metaverse glue themselves to a specific handle. There is no denying this conviction that it is Alien Worlds. It’s terrific that the Metaverse currently hosts uncountable games for the gaming fraternity. As far as the best game is concerned, it is Alien Worlds.

Alien Worlds is currently the undisputed leader of the blockchain gaming industry. The social blockchain game comprises more than 8 million players over a lifetime and millions of active monthly users. It is changing the rules of the gaming industry. Recent DappRadar charts have showcased that Alien Worlds is far ahead of all other blockchain games.

It has grabbed umpteen eyeballs!

In pursuit of enforcing fierce competition across divergent communities, the developers of the play-and-earn NFT game Alien Worlds have come up with DAOs in the game–or autonomous groups that fall under the frame of operations of a brand new model named Planetary Syndicates.
Alien Worlds is an NFT-driven game in which players trade and amass distinctive digital objects, the formation of which takes place via the WAX blockchain. The players participate in collecting Alien Worlds game’s in-game currency, Trillium (TLM), that they need to manage required any of the rival DAOs.

Alien Worlds’ tokens are available on Ethereum, whereas prospective investors can buy a few NFTs on the BNB Chain.
DAO is an online community that thrives primarily on an agreed-upon cause or objective and follows an organizational structure where all members have some say in the overall control of the setup rather than being centralized and controlled by a hierarchy-based system. DAOs utilize smart contracts — code that fuels autonomous applications.


Trilium, Alien Worlds’ currency, is what all blockchain game requires to run the setup. Trilium, also known as TLM tokens, is a currency that provides unabated support in the progress and acts as an allurement for gamers to generate traffic. The purchase of Trilium takes place on cryptocurrency markets as an ERC-20/BEP-20/WAX token.

The game’s in-game currency enhances its potential and motivates its development within Metaverse.

Do the players/gamers get the following benefits from Trilium?

  • It is the initial money for TLM mining and NFTs within the game.
  • Trilium players have the option to participate in the governance of planets.
  • Trilium permits players to participate in the mission and other game-related pursuits actively.
  • Players can use Alien Worlds Trillium to enhance tools and games.

Trilium Pricing

The price of Trilium on crypto-markets stands at US$$0.015510 as of Dec. 13, 2023. 

  • The tipping point of Trilium at crypto markets is at 10,000,000,000 TLM tokes. The introduction of TLM tokens in the market was in May 2021. Since then, this value has nosedived considerably from an all-time high of $7.19.


The bifurcation of The Alien Worlds’ land is into divergent sections. Gamers get two options: they get the dual benefits of purchasing them as NFT tokens and subletting them for commissions. There are variations betwixt land sections depending on rewards and resources. The game’s progress thrives primarily on the player’s potential to fetch rewards. The place for NFTs mining is landowners’ sections. They can also exchange the rewards with other miners who can reciprocate.

NFTs Tools

At the beginning of the game, each player gets a standard shovel which empowers him to do the best. Furthermore, with the game’s progression, the gamers collect TRM tokens which help them upgrade to more robust and sophisticated tools. Apart from this, they come across distinctive configurations at varying price levels.

While playing the game, the gamer has access to three divergent tools. Furthermore, the games can equip them with any tool multiple times. The tools bifurcation is into four tools stats; their names are as follows;

  • NFT Luck Multiplier. Do you wish to enhance the likelihood of striking an NFT drop? If so, this is the best tool at your disposal.
  • TLM Mining Multiplier. Although it is a distinct tool, it serves the same cause, to boost players’ opportunities of mining on NFT drop.
  • Charge Time. The Alien Worlds tools need constant recharging with the progress inside the game. Divergent tools have distinctive charging potentials within the game.
  • POW Multiplier. It passes on proof of your mining pursuits within the game. 

Alien Worlds Planet DAO’s 

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a next-level innovation that has made inroads in the Alien Worlds Metaverse. It’s a game attribute that empowers players to manage their planets. Gamers have the autonomy to mine more Trilium by parking some of their digital money inside their chosen alien planetary regions. 

Moreover, DAOs offer enhanced voting power in planetary elections. More power permits players to participate in digital asset allotment inside the planet’s regions. In layman’s language, the higher Trillium investments in alien communities make you more robust. Alien Worlds allows players to play and plan on behalf of the chosen planet. 

For participation, you need to put TLM tokens on stake. The central Metaverse smart contracts reward the planetary players daily by providing them with Trilium tokens as gamers continue to mine and obtain land renting rights. 

What’s between Alien Worlds and Minecraft Fit?

Minecraft Fit is an extremely famous conventional game. Alien Worlds, on the contrary, is a Web3 game thriving on a Play-to-Earn model. With the support of 170 million players worldwide, Minecraft Fit has recently permitted Alien Worlds’ players to gain exquisite imperative tokens as they play.

This paradigm shift is a win-win situation for the Web2 and Web3 games as they toil to widen their player base. Alien Worlds gamers can comfortably transfer to Minecraft Fit and play. 


It is unequivocal to say that Alien Worlds is currently the trailblazer in the blockchain Meterverse realm. It gets 200,000 new gamers signups daily; the planetary game is yet to reach the tipping point. The Play-to-Earn model has brought a paradigm shift in its development and substantial growth. And the unabated support of stable in-game currency, Trilium, has placed it as a fierce competitor in the gaming and crypto arena. 

It is fascinating to envision the prospects of Alien Worlds, the game, and the players. 

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