Minecraft Fit is an extremely famous conventional game.

Alien Worlds, on the contrary, is a Web3 game thriving on a Play-to-Earn model.

Minecraft Fit has recently permitted Alien Worlds’ players to gain exquisite imperative tokens as they play.

This paradigm shift is a win-win situation for the Web2 and Web3 games as they toil to widen their player base. 

Alien Worlds gamers can comfortably transfer to Minecraft Fit and play.

Considering the value and innovation in gaming, associations betwixt ardent gaming communities worldwide are gaining momentum.

Those in the blockchain fraternity believe gaming is a prudent method to foster mass technology adoption. 

Play-to-Earn models like Alien Worlds empower traditional gamers, and the amalgamation of NFT utility into traditional Web 2 games is a reality