It is a ‘play-to-earn’ blockchain game in the metaverse that operates in the ambit of (Defi) and  (NFT) categories.

The participants get Trillium (Alien Worlds currency) as they cross the intergalactic hurdles inside the game.

As players cross Alien Worlds, they earn exceptional presents as they advance from one level to the next.

For a layman, it is an imaginary space exploration attempt that empowers gamers to make money while navigating a sophisticated intergalactic environment.

In reality, gamers get NFTs as rewards when they make headways within the game. 

Alien Worlds game utilises the platform of  WAX, BSC blockchain, and Ethereum protocols.  

It is unequivocal to say that Alien Worlds is unquestionably the leader in the blockchain Metaverse realm currently. 

With the signup of over 200,000 new gaming enthusiasts daily, the planetary game is yet to hit its tipping point.