This story provides you with an overview of the just-launched trailer of the forthcoming movie "Don't Worry Darling" by Warner Bros.

The trailer starts with excellent chemistry between the protagonist(Florence Pugh ) and her husband.

They dance, romance and do other fun activities along with there near and dear ones. In short they were having gala time together

.The next part discusses what a man needs from a woman, like strength, food at home, a spic and span house. Apart from this, the most significant want is discretion.

In the next scene, the fun takes a backseat with Florence realizing that some hanky panky stuff is going on with her husband's business venture.

In one of the scenes, Florence breaks a hen's egg and gets shocked that something strange is inside it.

After that, she questions the  'Victory Project" of her husband. To her dismay, she doesn't receive enough support from others.

The balance part is a psychological thriller where the other characters believe that the protagonist has gone crazy.

At a fleeting glance, it is crystal clear that this film is a must-watch for those who like to see consummate acting and an engaging plot.