The renowned American standup comedian and actor has grabbed the headlines for the wrong reason. A miscreant attacked him on stage.

Dev Chappelle has this uncanny knack for cracking jokes on trans. One of his lame jokes irked a man in the audience, and he came charged to teach a lesson to the comedian.

The video indicates that Jamie Foxx was there, and he left no stone unturned to detain the offender. Before his arrival, the security team grabbed the miscreant and threw punches at him.

Some unconfirmed reports have revealed that the miscreant had a gun and a knife, but there is no official confirmation.

Dave Chappelle remained unhurt, and as a true entertainer, he continued his performance by cracking a joke " 'It was a transman.'

It is intuitively true that Dave Chappelle has garnered the unstinted support of his followers. However, he must refrain from hurting the sentiments of others.