Apple's new work from home policy is in soup as eyebrows are raised about its efficiency in the long run

A group of employees is not in solidarity with the newly drafted policy of Apple due to a lack of flexibility.

Moreover, according to the group members forcing the employees to work from the office is an imprudent approach because it leads to sheer wastage of time.

Furthermore, as per the group, in the Covid era, this rigid hybrid work policy would drain mental and physical resources and nosedive the output.

The in-person offices of Apple are not in operation since March this year due to covid. However, the company has made it clear that corporate employees will sit on their workstations from May 2.

With employees' resentment on cards, the long-term viability of this so-called hybrid model comprising both work from home and office is in jeopardy.

Apple's new work from home policy is in soup.

The group has categorically told Apple's executive team that three fixed days in the office and two days of working from home would  be counter productive