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Top 5 new trends started by IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been a trailblazer in numerous ways since its beginning in 2008. Below are the top trends which took place due to IPL

1. Franchise-based cricket: IPL was instrumental in introducing the idea of franchise-based cricket. It worked beyond the conventional domain and started a concept in which players do not represent their nation or province; IPL permitted players from divergent countries to rub shoulders with a franchise team.

2. Auction system: The IPL also brought the auction system for player selection, where franchises leave no stone unturned to bid for their favourite players through an auction. The franchise with the highest bid gets the player, and this concept has worked like a charm in striking the most lucrative deals in cricket history.

3. Cheerleaders: There is no denying this conviction that cheerleaders enhance the beauty of cricket: IPL earned the unique distinction of being the first cricket league to make cheerleaders a part of the league. The dances and performances of the cheerleaders during the matches have enhanced the entertainment of the crowds. Many other leagues worldwide have embraced this concept now.

4. Strategic timeouts: IPL introduced strategic timeouts, where each team gets the much-needed breaks per inning to rethink their strategic moves. Although the cricket fraternity was apprehensive about its success, all franchises in leagues worldwide have embraced it with open arms.

5. Use of technology: The broadcasting of cricket matches went through a paradigm shift after the introduction of IPL.The prominent reason for this was the extensive use of technology in cricket has been at the forefront of using technology in cricket. The Decision Review System (DRS) made inroads in cricket through IPL; it helps umpires to correct their mistakes. Moreover, IPL utilizes the services of spider cam to capture the bird’s eye view of the field action.

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