IPL | Top 5 IPL controversies

Top 5 IPL controversies

1. Spot-fixing and Betting Scandals: One of the famous controversies that have had IPL to date is the grave concern of spot-fixing and illegal betting. There have been multiple instances in the IPL where players, team officials, and bookies participated in spot-fixing and illicit betting scandals. The 2013 IPL spot-fixing scandal is a prime example of this, and it was instrumental in the arrest and conviction of several renowned cricketers and bookies.

2. Player Auctions: The IPL player auction has been controversial umpteen times, with price-fixing and tampering. Many critics have raised doubts that the auction process lacks transparency. Moreover, it provides a few teams and players with an undue advantage.

3. Conflict of Interest: Another grave concern that has damaged the brand of IPL is the issue of conflict of interest. Numerous IPL team owners and officials have involvement in other ventures or have associations with other cricket boards. Due to this reason, the cricketing fraternity believes that some individuals in the system are partial, and a conflict of interest is imminent.

4. Franchise Ownership: The critics of IPL have always raised questions about the ownership of IPL franchises. There have been accusations of black money and associations with criminal organisations. Many franchises have been accused of being fronts for black money or having links with criminal organisations. Moreover, many times the media has raised its voice over giving special treatment to certain franchises, especially those whose owners are corporate stalwarts or celebrities. 

5. Fair Play Awards: The other cause of concern is the IPL’s Fair Play Awards. The erstwhile cricketers have voiced their opinion and said that nominating players for such awards are non-transparent, hence controversial. Ceratin star performers do not get their due, and average performance steals the limelight.

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