Following the success and glory of "Work From Home", a new work pattern is on the verge of making inroads in people's lives. Its name is 'Work Near Home".

The prominent reason for this paradigm shift from "Work From Home" to 'Work Near Home" is the environment inside the home that is not conducive to working and nosedives the output.

Companies want the employees to work with dedication, determination and discipline, which is an arduous task while working from home.

Therefore coworking spaces near the employee's home seem to be a worthwhile proposition which could lead the companies and their employees towards an impressive growth trajectory.

Firstly it would give work from home type freedom to the employees because they need not visit the company's office daily.

Secondly, it would uplift the employee's productivity because they get a favourable environment to perform their tasks adroitly.

Lastly, it would lead to the holistic development of employees because they would interact with like-minded people in the new pattern and do not feel socially isolated.

The developers and corporates have to work in-collaboration to make this new pattern a success.