Facts | MS Dhoni Sister: All you need to know about Jayanti Gupta

MS Dhoni Sister: All you need to know about Jayanti Gupta

There is no denying this conviction that MS Dhoni is one of the greatest cricketers India has ever produced. The fans have always shown immense interest in Dhoni’s personal life, and they have got a glimpse of that in his biopic – MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. In that movie, the fans came across M S Dhoni’s sister, Jayanti Gupta, and her character portrays that she provided unabated support to him during his budding years.

Only a few fans know that Narendra Singh Dhoni is the brother of M S Dhoni. However, a sizeable proportion of cricket fans know that MS Dhoni has a sister named Jayanti. Per various sports websites, Jayanti Gupta’s profession is as an English teacher, and she is older than MS Dhoni. As depicted in the movie, MS Dhoni’s sister gave him unstinted support to handle all the conflicts adroitly.

The husband of Jayanti Gupta is Gautam Gupta.

Through the biopic, the fans have come to know that MS Dhoni’s sister Jayanti’s husband’s name is Gautam Gupta. She left no stone unturned to provide unabated support to her brother so he could lead his cricketing career toward an impressive growth trajectory. His determination, dedication and discipline are one of the main factors which prompted M S Dhoni to accomplish tremendous success as a cricketer. From ticket checker to Indian Cricket Team captain, she always motivated her brother to make informed decisions to handle the pressing problems in life.

The budding years of MS Dhoni as a cricketer are well-known to most cricket enthusiasts. His most appreciated trait is remaining calm and composed during challenging times, which helped him get the coveted title of “Captain Cool.”

M S Dhoni has seen many challenging faces in his life. But as per him, challenges are a part of our life, and after bad times we get good times. Hence, it is prudent to remain calm and encounter conflicts with a broad smile because it helps us prepare for the good times.

MS Dhoni has hung his boots for all three formats of international cricket to provide opportunities to young players. His first retirement was from test cricket, and after that, he cut ties with his international career on August 15, 2020. However, fans still have the option to watch him playing live courtesy of IPL.

IPL 2023 is about to make inroads in our lives, and M S Dhoni is there to provide us with unlimited fun and excitement through his play.

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