| Motivational speech | Top 10 speeches students should listen to

Motivational speech | Top 10 speeches students should listen to

In this contemporary epoch, fierce competition is there in all domains. Especially for students, it is a daunting task to maintain consistency to achieve the desired score. Therefore we must leave no stone unturned to motivate ourselves.

Success in any field requires us to work with determination, dedication and discipline. And to maintain our willpower, we need to follow those who have gained substantial triumphs in their lives to lead our careers toward an impressive growth trajectory.

This post contains the best Ted Talks that hits you deep to motivate youself and maintain consistency for reaping the benefits of compounding in the study.

Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die

As far as the creative minds of the 21st century are concerned, Steve Jobs comes on the top. At his iconic Stanford University commencement speech, he emphasised showing faith in our 2nd brain, our gut.

In his opinion, our gut knows what we wish to achieve: Therefore, by paying heed to our gut feeling, we can climb the ladder to success.

Moreover, he talked about good and bad experiences in our lives. Both are imperative to bring our careers to the right path because, in the end, we learn and take action accordingly.

In his opinion, when we see hindsight about past events, we see the bad and good experiences connecting to produce colossal benefits. Thus, both are imperative to lead our lives towards an impressive growth trajectory.

This Ted Talk is must watch for those who have this uncanny knack for mourning over bad experiences.