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Dodge launches compact SUV

Dodge commences its electrified journey by launching a compact Hornet SUV. There is no denying this conviction that the SUV market is growing by leaps and bounds, and various car stalwarts are raking in big bucks in this segment.

Dodge is a 122 years old company which has made up its mind to take a substantial share in the growing compact SUV market.

In the opinion of the company’s brand CEO, compact SUVs are the future of the automobile industry. He sees a bright future in this segment, which is why the engineering team has left no stone unturned to produce a quality product.

According to him, the compact SUV segment will see substantial growth of around 50 per cent in the next five years. The company has jumped into the bandwagon and riding on the wave of compact SUV sales, which will lead the turnover towards an impressive growth trajectory.

Hornet SUV will provide Dodge with a comfortable entry into the highly competitive Electrified automobiles industry. It is an accomplished fact the world is going through a challenging phase due to growing pollution.

The over usage of gas-run electric vehicles has been a contributing factor to the change in climatic conditions. The authorities must make informed decisions to handle the pressing problem of environmental pollution adroitly.

The prudent approach is to shift from gas-run vehicles to electric ones. Due to this paradigm shift in the thinking of automobile giants, there is fierce competition in the electrified cars market.

The companies are going beyond the conventional domain to produce vehicles which can help to nosedive pollution.

While having the needs of the modern era into consideration, the Dodge Hornet will come in two versions a plug-in hybrid and a gas-only one.

The company wishes to gain a substantial share of the electrified cars market: However, it doesn’t wish to make a complete shift and will continue to work on its forte, which is gas-run vehicles.

The central focus of this new launch would be on fuel efficiency. On the one hand, the electric version will provide a reasonably priced option to commute.

On the other hand, the gas-run version would provide high quality with amazing fuel efficiency.

In the company’s opinion, Hornet SUV will provide fierce competition to others, because the company has done sufficient market research before launching this masterpiece.

Hornet looks elegant and alluring with its Italian looks. The team has given equal importance to style and space. Although its looks seem elegant, the boot space is sufficient in the compact SUV segment.

The overall car looks like a lethal combination of grace and elegance. The entry of Dodge into the electrified car domain would motivate other automobile giants to foray into this burgeoning sector.

It is a win-win situation for both coma=panies and the consumers. The business entities have a chance to climb the ladder to success by putting earnest efforts into the technology of the future.

On the other side, the consumers will benefit the most because they are getting a plethora of options for fuel-efficient cars. Moreover, the maintenance cost of electrified automobiles costs is negligible, because such vehicles thrive primarily on their motor for running.

They do not have a complex mechanism like gas-run vehicles. Hence a bit of cleaning is what maintenance is all about in their case.

Lastly, electrified vehicles are good for the environment because they do not burn fossil fuels.

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