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2024 Guide: Best RC Remote Control Cars

#'s Guide to the Best Remote Control Cars 2023

Are you in the market for a remote control car that makes the perfect present? Look no further than's comprehensive guide, where we showcase a wide range of RC cars suitable for all ages and budgets. In this article, we'll cover models suitable for both indoor and outdoor driving, and we'll provide valuable insights into scale and batteries for first-time buyers. Our mission is to help you find the ideal RC car, making your gift-giving experience a breeze.

## Discover Your Perfect RC Car

With the plethora of RC car models available today, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. That's why our expert team has curated a list of the best models available on, grouped by budget. No matter which one you decide to purchase, rest assured that our recommendations guarantee a fantastic gift. Let's dive in and explore the options:

### Gift Ideas Under $100

**RCG Racing Rock Crawler**

- Last year's surprise hit, the RCG Racing Rock Crawler, has become a favorite among customers.
- Its attention to detail and dual-drive motors make it perfect for kids to enjoy both indoors and around the house.
- Equipped with a car battery and a USB charger, it only requires two AA batteries to start your adventure.
- Price: $79.99
- You can find it on our webstore, and for extended playtime, consider opting for the pro combo, which includes a bonus battery pack.


**FTX Tracer Monster Truck and Truggy**

- This compact car, measuring just 27cm in length, offers quality and performance.
- With a 2.4Ghz radio system, proper suspension, and splash-proof electronics, it's a great choice for some off-road fun.
- The model comes pre-built and painted, allowing you to customize it with included bumper LEDs for low-light driving.
- Price: $69.99
- It's available as a monster truck or a truggy, both at the same price.
- For an enhanced experience, we recommend picking up our high-capacity battery and charger bundle.


**UDI RC Drift Panther and Breaker Cars**

- RC drift cars are currently all the rage, and UDI has managed to create an outstanding budget-friendly drift car.
- These cars come with remotely switchable head and taillights and remarkable roll cage and interior details.
- What sets them apart is the integral gyro in the electronics, which aids beginners in holding long slides.
- As your drifting skills improve, you can adjust the intensity of this effect.
- You can choose between the Breaker truck or Panther saloon body, and both models include a spare set of rally 'knobbly' tires, battery, USB charger, transmitter, and more.
- For experienced drifters, there are powerful brushless variants available.
- Price: $89.99

**UDI L-Style, F-Style, and P-Style Rally & Racing Cars**

- RC rally cars are gaining popularity, and UDI has perfected both their appearance and performance.
- These cars are quick to assemble and ready to use, and they fall within an affordable price range.
- The L-Style model stands out with its super-detailed design and an ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) that makes driving a breeze.
- The F-Style model offers similar performance with different LED lighting modes.
- The P-Style is a beautifully detailed mini RC car with fantastic front and rear LED lights.
- These cars provide an exhilarating experience for both beginners and enthusiasts.
- Grab your brushed or brushless version today from
- Price: $94.99

**RCG Racing Wind Speed and Storm Rider Buggies**

- For those seeking a true RC experience on a budget, our Wind Speed and Storm Rider buggies are perfect choices.
- These small ready-to-run RC buggies offer hobby-grade performance at catalog-shop prices.
- Featuring a shaft-driven 4WD system and sporting detailed bodies with roll cages, they're ideal for a variety of terrains.
- With good ground clearance and the convenience of a USB charger, these buggies offer exceptional value for money.
- Both the Wind Speed and Storm Rider are available on our webstore and require 3x AA batteries for the controller.
- Price: $84.99 each

**Blackzon Slyder**
- If you're looking for a model similar to the Tracer but with more attitude, Blackzon's Slyder models are an excellent choice.
- These cars feature black bodies with colored decals and offer the same great performance as the Tracer.
- The Slyders are compatible with T-plugged LiPo batteries used in the Tracer, allowing you to extend your runtime with the same power bundles.
- Price: $76.99

**RCG Racing Smoking Punk Hot Rod Buggy**
- If you prefer something larger, consider the RCG Racing Smoking Punk Hot Rod Buggy.
- This chunky 1/12 scale car measures an impressive 38cm in length and features a unique smoke effect.
- By pouring water into a reservoir at the rear of the vehicle, it emits a cloud of vapor that simulates an exhaust effect.
- You can choose the white or blue version from our webstore, and don't forget to add a bonus battery and charger for extended fun.
- Price: $129.99

**Absima 1/14 High-Speed Truck**
- For a larger option, the Absima 1/14 High-Speed Truck is an excellent choice.
- Slightly bigger than the Tracer and Slyder, it comes with a 2S power system powered by 18650-size batteries used in laptops, vapes, and power banks.
- The availability of different capacity 3.7v cells allows you to customize your runtime.
- With either a blue or red body, this model comes ready-to-run with a transmitter, USB battery charger, and more, all available on our webstore.
- Price: $149.99

**Rastar 1/14th Scale Cars**

- For enthusiasts of officially licensed RC cars, Rastar offers a range of models from Audi, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and more.
- While they may not match the driving dynamics of other models, they compensate with remarkable detail, LED headlights, and operable doors.
- These cars, shipping in windowed display boxes, make fantastic gifts for children or automotive enthusiasts.
- Explore the available models on our webstore.
- Price: Starting at $129.99

### The Sweet Spot: $101 to $200 sells more cars in this price range than any other, and for good reason. Our most popular models in this category are packed with fun and arrive ready-to-run, complete with model batteries and chargers, only requiring AA batteries for the transmitters. The competitive market in this price bracket even allows you to find buggies with brushless power. Let's take a closer look at some of our top recommendations:

**FTX Banzai**

- When it comes to 1/10th scale drifting, the FTX Banzai reigns supreme.
- This model offers an impressive level of suspension adjustment, including suspension droop, camber, and toe-in, all at an affordable price.
- Its S15 style body features tinted windows and a large wing, sitting atop 6-spoke TE37-inspired black rims.
- The FTX Banzai is available in both green and red and includes radio gear, charger, car battery, and more.
- It comes with special hard tires, and you'll only need four AA batteries for the transmitter to start drifting.
- Price: $159.99

**FTX Carnage Truggy (Brushed)**
- If you're a fan of rear-wheel-drive, the FTX Carnage Truggy is a great choice.
- This 4WD truggy features a shaft-driven chassis with an open-diff, a slipper clutch, metal turnbuckles, oil-filled dampers, and off-road tires.
- It comes with a basic car battery and charger, making it ready-to-run, but you'll need 8x AA batteries for the transmitter.
- For longer run times, consider purchasing additional batteries for the buggy.
- We also offer a brushless edition of this truggy for those seeking a 25% performance increase.
- Price: $139.99

**FTX Outlaw Ultra-4 Buggy (Brushed)**
- The FTX Outlaw Ultra-4 Buggy is a beloved model known for its off-road capabilities.
- It features a 4WD off-road buggy design with a trailing rear arm and generous suspension travel.
- The dampers and ride height make it ideal for rugged terrains.
- While it may not have the same adjustability as some other models, the overall package and quality set it apart.
- You can remove the body panels to reveal the tubular roll-cage chassis underneath, giving it a unique off-roader look.
- We highly recommend the brushless version for more power and efficiency.
- Price: $179.99

**Maverick Phantom XT 1/10 Brushed Truck**
- If you're looking for a "full-size" RC car experience, the Maverick Phantom XT is a 1/10th scale ready-to-run RC truggy that measures just under 42cm in length.
- With a longer wheelbase and a larger motor, it offers stability at higher speeds.
- The model comes ready-to-run with a car battery and USB charger, requiring only 4x AA batteries for the transmitter.
- Maverick's Phantom XT has been a popular choice and is available on our webstore.
- Price: $159.99

**HPI Micro RS4 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R**
- For indoor drifting fun, the HPI Micro RS4 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R is a great option.
- It features a 1/18th scale AWD belt-driven chassis measuring just 22cm in length.
- The hard-plastic tires and lightweight design make drifting a breeze.
- If you're interested in this micro RS4 drifter, we recommend taking advantage of our pro combo deal on our website to pick up an extra NiMH battery.
- Price: $129.99

**Maverick Strada DC 1/10 RTR Electric Drift Car**
- An alternative to the FTX Banzai, the Maverick Strada DC offers similar performance with a shaft-driven AWD tub chassis.
- Maverick has upgraded this model with gold-colored shock caps and an upper chassis deck.
- While it may not provide the same level of adjustability as the Banzai, it offers exceptional quality.
- For those looking to dive deeper into the hobby, consider the brushless version of this car, equipped with a powerful 3215KV motor and Maverick's SC-30BL-WP waterproof ESC.
- It offers adjustments like punch control and delivers enhanced performance.
- You can purchase the Maverick Strada DC from our webstore.
- Price: $149.99

**Maverick Quantum MT**
- The Maverick Quantum MT is one of our largest toys under $200.
- Measuring nearly half a meter in length, over 36cm wide, and with a roofline 20cm from the ground, it's well-designed for off-road adventures.
- Its long suspension and huge 2.8-inch wheels provide ample ground clearance for tackling rough terrain.
- Despite its size, the lightweight chassis and body allow it to perform exceptionally well.
- Thanks to the USB charger, you can conveniently recharge the battery from a power bank or USB port while you're out and about.
- The Quantum MT is available in blue and offers fantastic value for money.
- Price: $179.99

**FTX Kanyon 4×4 Trail Crawler**
- Our budget crawler has garnered many fans, and it's easy to see why.
- With its resemblance to the Land Rover Defender and a torquey 60T brushed motor, the FTX Kanyon 4×4 Trail Crawler boasts impressive off-road capabilities.
- Its telescopic driveshafts, metal gears, and complex multi-link suspension make it a solid performer.
- This model includes radio gear, a wall charger, a 10.5kg waterproof servo, front metal output, crown, and differential gears, oil-filled adjustable coil-over suspension, and a detailed body with working LED lights.
- It comes with an 1800mAh NiMH, and you'll need 8x AA batteries for the transmitter.
- Explore the Kanyon on our webstore.
- Price: $189.99

## Top Quality RC Cars: $201 to $450

At this price point, you'll find high-quality RC models from established manufacturers. Please check the product page for details, as many of these models may require additional batteries and chargers. Let's explore some of the top choices:

**HPI E10 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R**
- The HPI E10 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R is a full-fledged drift car built on HPI Racing's E10 chassis.
- Equipped with a high-torque Saturn 27T 540 motor, it's an excellent choice for those looking to get into drifting without starting from scratch.
- This model focuses on chassis-based aesthetics, featuring non-operational brake discs and calipers.
- You can purchase the HPI E10 from our webstore and take advantage of our combo deals to secure an extra battery and charger for extended playtime.
- Price: $249.99

**Maverick Quantum MT Flux 1/10 Stadium Truck Blue**
- As one of our more affordable brushless RC cars, the Maverick Quantum MT Flux models have been flying off the shelves.
- This monster truck comes with a 45A ESC connected to a 3300Kv motor, capable of powering oversized 2.8-inch tires across various surfaces.
- It features independent double wishbone suspension, oil-filled adjustable coil-over shocks, and metal gear differentials front and rear.
- The Flux drivetrain is available in both stadium truck and monster truck chassis options, with a choice of blue, green, red, or pink.
- Please note that these models do not include a battery or charger, making it essential to order a 2S LiPo battery and charger from a reliable manufacturer.
- Additionally, you'll need four AA batteries for the transmitter.
- Price: $299.99

**Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo XL-2.5 iD**
- Traxxas has been a leader in the RC world, and the 1/16 E-Revo XL-2.5 iD offers exceptional performance and durability.
- Its advanced features include a torque-control slipper clutch, sealed differentials, all-terrain tires with foam inserts, and more.
- This model is available in green or orange and often ships with a DC battery charger designed for use in a car's cigarette lighter.
- For ease of charging, we recommend picking up a Traxxas Ez-peak plus fast charger.
- Price: $349.99

**FTX Outlaw Brushless Buggy**
- The FTX Outlaw is available with a high-powered brushless powertrain, providing more power and efficiency.
- It features a unique tubular roll-cage chassis design that becomes visible when you remove the body panels.
- This setup gives it an extreme off-roader appearance and enhances its durability.
- We highly recommend the brushless edition for its improved performance.
- You can purchase the FTX Outlaw Ultra-4 Brushless buggy from our webstore.
- Price: $299.99

**Maverick Quantum R Flux 1/8 4S Race Truck**
- Maverick introduces this brushless powerhouse capable of reaching speeds close to 50mph with a 4S battery.
- Designed as a budget-friendly alternative to the Arrma Infraction, this truck is built for high-speed action on smooth surfaces.
- Equipped with a FLX10-4S120 Flux 120A Waterproof ESC and FLX10-3675-2250KV Flux motor, it delivers relentless power through a robust heavy-duty transmission.
- You can choose the model in grey, blue, red, or black and red.
- Please be cautious as high-speed models like this are not suitable for children.
- As with other high-end models, you'll need a car battery with a deans connector and a charger, along with transmitter batteries.
- Price: $399.99

**Traxxas Rustler 4x4 1/10 4WD RTR Green**
- The Traxxas Rustler 4x4 VXL is a brushless-powered model that packs a significant punch and can achieve speeds exceeding 60mph with the right gearing and a 3S LiPo battery.
- This 4x4 Rustler is available in green, red, and blue.
- Like other high-performance models, it requires a separate battery and charger.
- We recommend the Traxxas Ez-peak plus pack for optimal charging.
- Price: $429.99

**Traxxas Land Rover Defender**
- The TRX-4 Land Rover Defender from Traxxas is a highly detailed and robust RC model that earned the title of "Car of the Year" in 2017.
- It features a meticulously crafted body atop a capable chassis, making it suitable for display and off-road adventures.
- Notable features include remotely lockable differentials, portal axles for increased ground clearance, metal-gear servos, and waterproof electronics.
- The TRX-4 Land Rover Defender is ready-to-run out of the box, but please check for battery and charger requirements.
- Price: $449.99

## The Ultimate in RC: $450+

In this price range, you'll discover the highest-quality RC models on the market, offering exceptional performance and capabilities. Keep in mind that these models may also require additional batteries and chargers. Let's explore some of the top-tier options:

**Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL**
- The Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL is a brushless-powered variant of the Rustler that delivers incredible speed and agility.
- With the right gearing and a 3S LiPo battery, it can reach speeds in excess of 60mph.
- This model is available in green, red, and blue.
- Please note that you'll need a separate battery and charger for this high-performance RC car.
- We recommend the Traxxas Ez-peak plus pack for efficient charging.
- Price: $499.99

**Traxxas Land Rover Defender**
- Traxxas' TRX-4 Land Rover Defender remains a top choice for its highly detailed body and robust chassis.
- This model is ready-to-run and offers a complete and capable package suitable for both display and rugged off-road excursions.
- Its features include remotely lockable differentials, portal axles for superior ground clearance, metal-gear servos, and waterproof electronics.
- Please check for any battery and charger requirements on the product page.
- Price: $499.99

**UDI RC Cardiac 1/10 4WD Short Course Truck RTR**
- The UDI RC Cardiac combines a 2600KV sensorless brushless waterproof motor with a 3s compatible speed controller, delivering an authentic and thrilling driving experience.
- This model is designed for high-performance racing and offers plenty of power.
- For the ultimate RC experience, you'll need to supply the car battery (with a deans connector) and charger, as well as the required transmitter batteries.
- Price: $479.99

In conclusion, the world of remote control cars offers a wide range of options to suit every budget and preference. From budget-friendly models for beginners to high-performance, top-tier RC cars for enthusiasts, there's something for everyone in the RC car market. Be sure to check the specific product details and requirements when making your choice. Happy driving, and enjoy your RC adventures with!


Here are 10 frequently asked questions (F&Q) about the best RC remote control cars:

1. **Question:** What are RC remote control cars?
**Answer:** RC (Remote Control) cars are miniature vehicles that can be controlled from a distance using a handheld transmitter.

2. **Question:** What types of RC cars are available?
**Answer:** There are various types of RC cars, including on-road cars for smooth surfaces, off-road cars for rough terrain, drift cars for controlled slides, and more.

3. **Question:** What scale sizes are common for RC cars?
**Answer:** Common scale sizes for RC cars include 1/10, 1/8, and 1/18, representing the car's size compared to its real-life counterpart.

4. **Question:** What is the difference between brushed and brushless motors in RC cars?
**Answer:** Brushed motors are more affordable but less efficient, while brushless motors offer higher performance and durability at a higher cost.

5. **Question:** How do I choose the right RC car for my skill level?
**Answer:** Beginners should start with ready-to-run (RTR) models, while experienced hobbyists can explore kit cars for customization.

6. **Question:** What type of battery is best for RC cars?
**Answer:** Most RC cars use rechargeable LiPo (Lithium Polymer) or NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) batteries, with LiPo batteries often offering better performance.

7. **Question:** What is the range of an RC car's remote control?
**Answer:** The range varies but is typically between 100 to 300 feet, depending on the model and transmitter quality.

8. **Question:** Are there any safety precautions when using RC cars?
**Answer:** Yes, safety precautions include using appropriate protective gear, choosing suitable locations for driving, and following local regulations.

9. **Question:** Can I upgrade or customize my RC car?
**Answer:** Yes, many RC cars offer upgrade options for motors, batteries, suspension, and more, allowing you to customize performance.

10. **Question:** Where can I find reviews and recommendations for the best RC remote control cars?
**Answer:** You can find reviews and recommendations on websites, forums, and hobbyist communities dedicated to RC cars, as well as from reputable online retailers and manufacturers.

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