IPL | 4 exciting new things Viacom18 plans to do for IPL 2023 Live Streaming

4 exciting new things Viacom18 plans to do for IPL 2023 Live Streaming

Viacom18 has left no stone unturned to grab the live stream broadcasting rights for all Indian Premier League matches played in India from the 2023 season onwards. From the year 2023, Disney+ Hotstar will not steam live IPL matches. Now Star Sports network has taken the front seat. Still, the audience need not feel disappointed because a new app will; Viacom18 is going beyond the conventional domain and launching a new mobile phone application for the live streaming IPL 2023 matches.

To provide sports fans with fun and excitement, Viacom 18 will add a few exciting features in the live streaming of the Indian Premier League starting from the 2023 season. This list of the new offerings is as follows;

1. The broadcast of IPL 2023 will be entirely different from the previous seasons as the cameramen will cover through multiple camera angles from other parts of the ground

Team Viacom18 is trying different methods to reformulate the user experience while enjoying the telecast of Indian Premier League matches. It will provide the users with numerous new camera angles to enjoy the league.

2. Viewers will have the option to choose the angle of their choice 

Disney+ Hotstar followed the conventional approach of giving the same live stream that the sports channels provided. However, Viacom18 has taken the quantum leap to allow the audience to opt for the way to watch the championship. They can watch the angle of their choice, like the umpire’s view, the traditional view, from behind the batter’s perspective, or from the front-end view to enjoy the matches.

3. The new feature of Watch Party is also made available in IPL 2023.

The Indian users can invite their amigos to a watch party where they can all have a gala together while enjoying the matches. This initiative will be a blessing for people living in all nooks and corners of the nation as they can enjoy the game in the company of their near and dear ones in a digital way.

4. Live Streaming through 4K Ultra HD 

In previous years, 720p and 1080p were the available formats for enjoying the tournament online. Nevertheless, Viacom18 has plans to introduce a new chapter in live streaming as users can enjoy the championship in 4K Ultra HD format.

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