Book Reviews | 10 critical lessons from “The Compound Effect”

10 critical lessons from “The Compound Effect”

The bestseller “The Compound Effect” from Darren Hardy is a must-read book for people from all walks of life. However, nowadays fierce competition has become an integral part of our lives. Due to this reason, reading books is a daunting task for most of us. 

This article contains ten critical lessons from “The Compound Effect”.By reading this content, you will get a fair idea of the strategy prescribed in the book to attain success.

Let’s go through the lessons

1. Success comes from repeatedly working with determination, dedication and discipline on half a dozen things.

There is no denying this conviction that few good things happen by chance, and every worthwhile goal demands a plan. Therefore it is highly imperative to identify our key areas and work on them with dogged determination, relentless dedication and paramount discipline.

2. Success thrives primarily on consistent efforts.

It is an accomplished fact that our success pivots around consistently. Our regular efforts empower us to perform arduous tasks with tremendous ease.

3. Small choices combined with consistency and time bring outstanding results.

Overnight success happens by chance, but Sureshot success requires consistency with time. Although consistent efforts work like a charm for success, we must devote sufficient hours to the skill we wish to hone.

4. Knowledge not put to use is a wasted resource.

It is a gospel truth that knowledge we possess can turn our life towards an impressive growth trajectory. However, not applying it in routine work is detrimental to our future.

5. The only person responsible for good and bad times is you.

It is irrefutable to say that our current state relies on the choices we have made in our lives. Hence whether life is giving us cookies or lemons, the responsibility is ours. Blaming the circumstances and people is not a prudent approach.

6. Change commences with awareness. The realistic approach to becoming aware is to measure. Journaling helps you in the process. Because our thoughts become clear when we write them on paper: we gain new insights by noting our ideas. This habit supports us to carve out a niche for ourselves and lead our lives toward an impressive growth trajectory.

7. Most winners pay excessive heed to track. Improving something without measuring is a daunting task.

Tracking our efforts and actions is of utmost importance to do worthwhile things in life. Without measuring our moves, we are like a radar-less ship which is always at the mercy of the wind to move ahead.

8. Just becoming aware of your actions leads to colossal changes in life.

Awareness of actions helps us redefine our moves. Hence it is imperative to make informed decisions while pursuing our goals because otherwise, our progress doesn’t happen at a fast pace. Moreover, collosol changes occur when we become aware of our actions.

9. Although the performance of the winner and number ten golfers differs by just 1.9 strokes, there is a remarkable difference in the prize money.

The above sentence makes it clear why consistency is significant. The reason is it helps us to think beyond the conventional domain. The small improvements we make in our work motivate us to step ahead of others because the difference between the first position and the second is usually trivial.

10. Making an early start to accomplish changes directs the compound effect in your direction.

Taking an early start is a worthwhile proposition because it sets you in motion, and with consistent efforts, you can get ahead of your competitors before the deadline.

Moreover, it is usually our first action which requires a boatload of willpower to initiate the action. Once we pass the challenging initial period, it becomes easy for us to pursue the task.

Furthermore, in the initial stages, the competition is not much, and from the early success, we get motivated to pursue our goals.

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